"Coaching with Rose Marziale has been a very special experience for my daughter, Everleigh. Everleigh came to Rose with a love of acting and a bit of experience by age 6, and Rose was able to tailor her coaching specific to Everleigh’s strengths and abilities. I love that Rose is able to really build my daughter's confidence, while teaching her new skills; at the same time, Rose seems to be able to enhance Everleigh’s natural instincts, rather than tell her exactly how to deliver her lines. Rose’s guidance has helped Everleigh through 2 network tests in one pilot season! I never feel rushed when asking Rose advice, or like there’s a ticking clock with a dollar sign. Rose’s genuine support of my daughter is evident, and I’m so happy to have her in our lives!"

Briana McDonell, Mom of

Everleigh McDonell

(Good Girls, Truth Be Told)

"Rose Marziale is truly special among acting teachers. Rose brings heart and warmth to the process.

She recognizes each actor’s unique gifts and

supports and champions them. 


From her extensive casting work, Rose has a valuable background from which to guide a proper

breakdown of the scene,

while encouraging creative choices


A superb and warm teacher who inspires her actors."

Nicole St. John, Agent & Mom of 

Riley St. John 

(One Mississippi, Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion) 

Skylar St. John​

Cricket St. John

"Rose always makes me feel confident after we work on our scenes together.  She always helps me look at the scene with a different perspective and, when we finish,

I can't believe I was about to attempt to go into an audition without Rose's help!"


Alex Wong

(The Greatest Showman, Newsies on Broadway) 

"Put blinders on to the things that conspire to hold you back, 

especially the ones in your own head."

Meryl Streep

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